Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Alright so it has been a while since I've brewed.  Mainly because I am too lazy to bottle and have more than a few batches that should be bottled soon.  Up until recently I wanted to brew, but saw it as a chore more than the relaxing hobby it was.  This scared me a lot since I am throwing myself into this with a leap of faith.  The last couple days have thrown me back and reminded me why I do this.  I spent 14 hours at a beer fest Saturday pouring mead and talking to brewers about beers.  It was nice to be considered a colleague for once.  I was happy to be cold and yelling over obnoxious music to talk about about mead to people.  Then this morning as I was mashing in my latest batch (a full post will come on that later) I watched the video Goose Island put out for their 25th anniversary and it lit a fire in my heart again.  Heart and Soul is back and expect more posts, more detailed posts, and a wider range of brews to come in the next few months. 

Welcome back and cheers!

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