Saturday, May 18, 2013

Busy Busy Bee

I brewed twice this week, along with bottling three batches.  So let's just get started.

Batch 028: C'est What?

That's right, another saison.  This time a black saison.  I wanted something similar to the last but with a touch of roast and a nice black color.  I went with Pils again for the base and a bit a wheat, but threw in just a bit of midnight wheat and debittered black for color and a touch of roastiness.   Kept the hopping schedule the same as the last for a bit on consistency.  I was a little high on my OG: 15.8 instead of 13.9, but that's alright.

Batch 029: The Wee One

Yes, another rebrew.  This was tasty though, so I'm doing it again.  Same recipe (kind of....).  Everything started out great.  It was also my first day brewing outside this year.  Still did a 1 gallon batch, just used the little 3 gallon pot on my propane burner.  This was fun because I had to turn my regulator all the way down to keep the wort from jumping out of the pot.  It was a nice day out and I got to just sit back and read for a while during the boil.

 As I was mashing I noticed that my preboil gravity was extremely high.  I added 2 qts of water to help lower it, but it was still high.  Later, I found out that I had multipled the recipe by 1.5 to give me a bigger batch.  I had forgotten that and brewed it as a 1 gallon batch instead.  So my nice light 2% scottish 60/- is more like a big scottish 80/-.  I'm ok with that though too. 


Last night I bottled up three batches to free up some fermenters.  I bottled up the C'est San, the 15 min IPA and my brown sugar cider.  I don't think I will do three batches in one night again.  The bottling isn't so bad, just resetting everything sucks.  I am working on something to fix that though.  If it works out, details will be here.

To come this week:

This week I am making another mead and a special beer.  Look forward to that.

Until then, Cheers!

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