About Me

My name is Mike and I work with beer, wine and mead on a daily basis. I have been brewing for about 2-3 years now.  I started off doing partial boil extract kits on my apartment stove and was instantly addicted after my first batch.  Since then I have moved up to all grain full boils with a cooler mash tun and turkey fryer kettle.  In July I moved away from my brewing buddy who split the cost of the equipment with me.  Rather than split up the system we had scrapped together I left it all with him until I had a better idea where brewing stood in my life after the move.  Three months later I now work with beer, wine and mead.  Every day I was "tortured" at work by not being able to brew.  That's when I decided that 1 gallon batches are perfect for me and that's where I am now.  I brew as often as I can in as many styles as I can.  Every batch is a new lesson and it get better each time.

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