Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Batch 26: C'est San and Batch 27: Brown Sugar, How Come You Taste So Good

Well I made up two batches this week.  I straight up stole a saison recipe from a coworker, swapped out the hops for my EXP 6300's hoping that they give a nice flavor to it and used the dry Belle Saison yeast from Danstar.  I haven't tried that yeast yet so it should be fun, and actually this is my first saison.  I already have a couple more in the works so thats nice.  I was a little high on my gravity (OG of 18Plato), hopefully that isn't too bad, but I did mash at 151F so it should attenuate out. 

I also mixed up the second gallon of apple cider.  For this one I just added 8oz of light brown sugar.  Both are going crazy in the fermenter and looking good.

Side note: not really sure why I am still posting here.  I see hits and that's cool.  I hope that I am helping someone out, but I think I am just using it mostly as a (poor) back up of brewing notes.  Oh well, if you are reading see you in a couple of days.  Bottling the dark chocolate stout and brewing the scottish 60/- again.


Recipe for C'est San:

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