Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Batch 23: Dark Chocolate Stout and Batch 24: 15 Minute IPA

Batch 23: Dark Chocolate Stout
Well I've been busy again.  Sunday I brewed up an Imperial Stout using some dark chocolate malt.  First time using this one.  It is basically a 420 lovibond chocolate malt as opposed to the normal 350.  I went a little big on this one at 19.5Plato for my OG, but I think that this will age well too so I'll have to hide a few bottles from myself until next year.  I also threw a decent amount of cascade and centennial at this and was reminded how much I love centennial hops in a stout.  The smell put the biggest smile on my face as I tossed them in.
I also bottled up Ignorance and Smoked Porter while brewing.  The pipeline is always moving around here.

Batch 24: 15 Minute IPA
I did brew today, but was feeling a little lazy and wanted to kill off some of the hops in my freezer so I went for a quick brew.  All extract, no steeping grains, 15 minute boil, and insane amounts of hops.  I went with one pound of sparkling amber extract and one pound of pilsen light.  Once boiling I threw in 1/4oz of each cascade and centennial (can you tell which hops I buy in bulk?) every 3 minutes until flameout.  All in all, 3 oz of hops went into 1.25 gallons of wort, in 15 minutes.  77 IBUs calculated, but we'll see what actually comes out of this.  I am just hoping for a fun thing to talk about with people while pouring it.

The Bumble Bee will be racked to secondary with dry hops this weekend and I will be thinking about whats next in line to brew.  Thinking something light to drink as it warms up.  Also will be bottling one of the berliner weiss's soon and adding fruit to the other.  Just have to decide on the fruit.

Until next time, Cheers!

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