Friday, February 22, 2013

Short Hiatus, but Coming Back Soon

I brewed those last 3 batches in such a short time that I ran out of fermenter space.  I finally got around to bottling the triple berry cyser this week along with the blood orange hefeweizen, freeing up 2 of my fermenters.  That means that this week I will brew twice, identical recipes, different hops.  I bought a couple packs of experimental hops from Farmhouse Brewing Supply a few weeks ago and I want to test them out.  So I will be brewing a couple pale ale/ipa batches with a neutral bittering hop and then single hopping the end with each of the experimentals just to see what kind of flavors and aromas come out of these.  I will work on an equipment run down here soon too.  I know I have been saying that for a while, but its coming I promise.  Unfortunately, life doesn't like to let you do things when you want to do them.  So, this week, 2 "single" hops brews, a clone of a popular beer soon after that, with plenty of other stuff in the works after that.  To much brewing to do, not enough time/fermenters/patience/space/etc.


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