Friday, December 21, 2012

Busy Holidays and Bottlings

The last week or two has been crazy in terms of my schedule with holiday shopping and other things going on.  I didn't have time to brew this week, but did slip in bottling 3 batches.  I bottled my English Barleywine(Batch 006), the American Ryzenbock(Batch 007), and the Scottish 60/-(Batch 008).  Coming in at 12.3%, 6.8%, and 2.1% respectively I should have plenty of options in the coming weeks.  I also switched away from the carbonation tablets that I was using early since I was having issues with bottles carbonating.  I went back to the tried and true method of batch priming.  Everything tasted good going in, let's see how they are in a few weeks.  I should also be able to brew again Christmas afternoon, just have to decide what.

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