Friday, December 28, 2012

Batch 010: Tattoo'd Graffiti

One long overdue post tonight. I brewed up my latest batch on Christmas night.  I had a couple of hours free and decided there was no better time. I went with a hop aggressive American Wheat in the vain of Three Floyd's Gumballhead. 

The recipe.  This beer is one pound of pale malt, 1 pound of white wheat malt, and 4 oz of cara-vienne.  The 50/50 base of wheat and barley will give me a nice wheat forward beer.  As for the hops I threw citra and amarillo at it like they were candy.   A dose of citra for bittering than then a blend of the two at 10 and flameout with 2 dry hops in store for this when it hits secondary.

The process.  This beer went off with no problems, hit my preboil gravity dead on and began the boil.  Those hops make everything smell amazing.  I was a bit shy on the OG which means I didn't boil off as much as I had anticipated, but that is another thing for me to work on.  Since beginning I have moved my beers from 1 gallon to 1.1 gallon to account for trub loss, but after this I am thinking that it should be close to 1.25 gallons.  Maybe for the next batch I will try that

As for the next batch, it's going to be a little different.  I am going to challenge myself and make a type of beer for someone that I haven't tried to make before.  That should be a fun brew day.



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