Thursday, March 7, 2013

Batch 019: Ignorance

So this week I brewed up a beer that was closely based on the beer that made me realize what flavors could actually be in beer.  This beer was my "lightbulb" moment as far as beer goes.  I had drank some craft beers before trying this, but everything else paled in comparison.  That beer was Arrogant Bastard.  The beer was this amazing red color, with a malty chewiness to it and a giant hop punch to keep things in check. (not to mention the name was really fun to order at the local hookah bar)

So I went with a version of the Can You Brew It? recipe for this with a few tweeks for my system.  91% Pale Ale malt and 9% Special B are the only malts used and only Chinook as a hop.  And to be honest this is my first time using Chinook, I have known that I love that hop for a long time, but have always gone with other hops for some reason.

I did have one hang up during brew day that is a step in the wrong direction for me.  I hit my Pre-boil Gravity dead on, but came up short on my original gravity and realized when I moved the wort to the fermenter that I had way too much wort, meaning my boil off rate wasn't as high as I was expecting.  My thought is that since it was a 90 min boil as opposed to my normal 60 min boils, the stove's burner could not keep as vigorous of a boil for the extra volume to compensate for the extra boil time.  I'm not entirely sure that actually makes sense or its just a self said justification for a screw up.  Anyway, now I have about 1.5 gallons of Arrogant Bastard "lite" that I am sure I will be happy with anyway.

I keep looking at berliner weisses, but refuse to touch them.  My 5 gallons of sour from last year will be getting some fun things thrown at it soon, and I am planning my next batch of sours.  Going to try to brew up 3 of them this summer so that I have stuff going in the sour pipeline at all times.  First to brew is a Flander's Red, then a Lambic or two, maybe a Gueze, maybe not.

Enough day dreaming,  until next time.


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